La ‘Ndocciata di Agnone


molise petacciato stampa La Ndocciata di Agnone

THE ‘Ndocciata of Agnone Molise


The Agnone’s Ndocciata in the Molise region is perhaps the most famous event of the Molise region.
Used many years ago as a simple torches, the Agnone’s Noddciate then were used and still are used to illuminate the streets of Agnone on 8 December and Christmas Eve.

On the evening of December 24 in Agnone, to beat the bell of St. Anthony, groups of districts (Capammonde and Capabballe, Colle Sente, Guastra, Sant’Onofrio, San Quirico) consisting of hundreds of carriers of all ages, dressed in traditional costumes, light up ndocce (torches) to walk along the main street of the town, which thus becomes’ a huge and exciting river of fire. Once in the square will light a bonfire, around which people gather to say goodbye to anything negative there was the year that is ending and will be symbolically burned in the fire.
(Proloco Agnone)

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