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The home cooking you can find at the “Trattoria da Lucia” includes various meat dishes (kebabs, sausages, Abruzzo-Molise ventricina ..) and fish (soup Molise, the rock cavatelli, fusilli with shrimp, raw fish. ..)

Along with the traditional flavors of the Molisana culinary of our grandparents and colors and smells of our times. “Trattoria da Lucia” organizes lunches and dinners for baptisms, communions, birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations, where you can count on the experience and friendliness of staff.


Wide open spaces and great brightness, refined elegance and warmth family. These are the main feelings that you feel entry into the main hall of the Trattoria da Lucia…


From Petacciatese pizza to the Margherita pizza, from Pescatore pizza to Lucia pizza. Our pizza will satisfy all tastes. The Pizzeria is open daily from 6 pm to 10 pm…


Small but comfortable, beautiful and able to meet all your needs. The Bar & Terrace, located at the main Lounge,
offers a large terrace where you can sip your drinks, relaxing…


Our veranda is completely structured with a rustic feel but without losing the taste for the modern, offering spaces to celebrate with friends and family, the most important dates and anniversaries…

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