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“Take the Molise is to immerse yourself in nature, ranging from the peaks of the Apennines and Matese Mainarde up to the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, with interesting archaeological sites to the sweetness of small towns, oases of calm.”

The coast of Molise

35 km of crystal clear sea (annually awarded the Blue Flag), wide beaches, thick pine forests and restaurants where you can enjoy the typical dishes of the Mediterranean tradition, which does not disdain the pairings between products of marine and countryside.

Molise Hinterland

That Molise is definitely one of the most pure and pristine mountains of Italy.
The Matese is a massive limestone of the peninsula’s most important, both for territorial extension to the richness of the waters. The main resort is Campitello Matese, a popular ski resort, with Capracotta, which has two major ski resorts, alpine skiing is that cross-country skiing.
Another important mountain range is one of the Mainarde, with deep gorges and forgotten atmospheres, linked to the pastoral world.

Baths of Sepino

Known and appreciated since pre-Roman times, the hot springs gush from the ancient of Sepino Tre Fontane, where people continue to drink and heal the whole. Upstream water is also captured and bottled. Sepino is located in the province of Campobasso which is about twenty kilometers. It overlooks a beautiful valley surrounded by beautiful forests of the central dotted around the Matese mountains. Precisely the baths of Sepino lie about 900 m above sea level on the mountain tops of Sepino.

Major centers of tourist interest / culture

The Baths


Archaeological Areas

Nature Reserves

Tours / Itineraries


Characteristic events


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