territorio regione mare termoli vasto PETACCIATO
territorio regione mare termoli vasto PETACCIATO

Petacciato is a town of 3,648 inhabitants of the province of Campobasso.
Center of the Adriatic coast, stands on a hill at 225 m asl From its dominant position offers an extensive and impressive panorama that stretches from the mountains of the Majella and the Gargano promontory, across the archipelago of the Tremiti Islands.
Its territory extends over an area of 2,968 hectares. It has a population of 3,648 inhabitants.


“… Who walks the streets of Petacciato breathes only peace and tranquility: the panorama of the old village is a concert of vibrant colors, from bright green mountains of the Maiella to the promontory of Gargano, through the archipelago tremors, surrounded by a bright and clear Adriatic …

… But the highlight of Petacciato are the beaches and the sea, making it a popular summer destination, perfect for those who accompany the relaxing views of the charming, without sacrificing a bit of culture, history and tradition. The coast is a bright ribbon of sand, sandwiched between a deep blue sea and green of fragrant pine trees, suitable for children. The beach, which stretches for about 7 km, is dotted with bathing establishments efficient and comfortable, and has in some areas, natural dunes typical of the Mediterranean … “




  • Visit the old village – Church of St. Rocco, St. Mary’s Church (built in the eleventh century), Palazzo D’Avalos
  • Natural botanical garden path
  • Natural clay mud or here!


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